Raising quality Highland Cattle bringing superior genetics and structure to your herd. Our goal is to provide exceptional beef for hobby, show, breeding, and market.

About Us

Kevin and Megan Dudley have always had a passion for Agriculture and the cattle industry. Kevin grew up on a heritage family farm where they row crop corn and soybeans and raise angus, shorthorn, and simmental cattle. Megan grew up on a family hobby farm raising various livestock that she showed at her county fair. The passion for animals continued when they purchased their own farm in 2012. They have a variety of animals including horses, ponies, cats, dogs, and chickens. The most recent venture has been starting their own fold of highland cattle in 2021.

They chose highland cattle because the size of the cattle allowed them to do more with the few acres their farm provided for pasture and cattle grazing. They are smaller in size and easier to maintain than the large cattle breeds. The quality meat, hide, and horns the Highland provides is a great way to utilize all parts of what the animal has to offer. As an added bonus, they are really cute! They are excited to continue teach the next generation about agriculture and farming.

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